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As you probably already know if you are viewing this page, I am a British author and translator, working mainly in the physical sciences, such as astronomy, meteorology, and geology. My own books are largely concerned with astronomy and the weather, but my translations (both books and articles) have covered a much wider range: from 'Lake Baikal' to 'Extraterrestrial Intelligence', taking in 'Speech among the Neanderthals' along the way.

Some people have difficulty in believing that ‘Storm’ is my true name – especially because I write about the weather (amongst other things). In fact, ‘Storm’ is a fairly common Scandinavian and German surname, even if not very common as a first name. But there are others. See, for example, this poor soul who had his house swept away:

Latest - (2013 September 28):


Forthcoming work

I have recently been extremely busy with a number of projects. Details of these are shown on a new page of forthcoming work.


Unkown images

A few months ago I posted an enquiry on the HASTRO-L discussion list (the History of Astronomy list) asking for help in identifying some images that were sent to me, and also a transparency showing a diagram of the southern constellations, forwarded to me in error by my publisher many years ago. My own searches had failed to find the true owner, and also the source of that image. The response was immediate, and I am most grateful to Barbara Becker, Thomas Settle and Alistair Kwan for identifying the hexagonal panel and sundials, and to Giancarlo Truffa for identifying the book in which the constellation chart appears. The images (and their identifications) may be seen here.



Both of my talks on ‘Reading the Weather’ to the Friends of Chichester Harbour were fully booked, given and well received. If anyone feels that they have missed out, but would still like to be informed of any future repeats or additional talks, please contact the FoCH Events Secretary. The organiser at the Hayling Island Sailing Club, Paul S. Cook, has kindly said that anyone may contact him to arrange for an invitation to the talk that I shall be giving to the Club on Thursday, 10 October.




Authors tend to get involved in a range of work, so the following list serves to break mine into maneagable categories:


My work as a writer, including details of
some of my books and articles

Blogs, etc.

Increasingly, I am asked to contribute to various
websites and to publishers’ and other blogs.
Here is a note of some such contributions.


A similar summary of my translation work,
with a partial list of major translations


Some of the editorial and other publishing
projects with which I have been involved


Talks, lectures and evening classes


Other interests

Like everyone else, I have also become involved in other activities, some paid, and some unpaid. Here are a few of my current fields of interest:


Still my first love, although it often has to
cede time to meteorology


Or 'Weather and Climate' if you find the formal
term too forbidding


We can also include palaeontology ('fossils') here
[Page not yet in place]


Mainly meteorological photography
[Page and gallery not yet in place]

Authors and their rights

Society of Authors and
Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society


Various aspects of computing, including
(surprise, surprise!) WWW pages and sites
[Page temporarily removed]


Collecting, rather than writing them
[Page includes my wants list but
has yet to be revised]


Greyhound rescue to be specific,
and my own dogs

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